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• Free Home Evaluation: At Vismith Homes Realty ,we provide a comprehensive property analysis for our potential buyers with a free market analysis for the highly sort after homes. This helps us come up with a detailed evaluation of the home and hence allow us to put into perspective the price of the home. It is worth noting that a reasonably priced home will led to competing offers and hence increase the chances of driving up the final price.

• Selling your home the right way: Vismith Homes, team of agents will guide you on the proper channels to follow to sell your home in a legal and professional way. We provide you with a versatile and remarkable market plan to help you avoid gambling your home away.

• In-house market team, we will work around the clock to ensure that your home is featured in over 50 real estate sites around the world to attract both local and international buyers. We will utilize the available multimedia platforms as well as social media advertisements such as Facebook, google, YouTube, and yahoo and other such like target marketing tools to find you the most suitable and willing buyers for your property.

• See what’s in the market: through our website, one gets to see other homes in the market so as to be able to asses other market competitors in your area. This allows you to have a better understanding of not only the pricing of homes in your area but allows the demand for property in your neighborhood.

• Connect with us: With a steady increase of the site hits both from within the country and abroad you can rest assured that your posting with be visible to a wide range of clients and potential buyers. Here at Vismith guarantee that your listings will get unmatched exposure.
• We Guarantee sale of your property for the Highest market price within short period of time